Archdiocese of San Antonio



   The school at St. Monica Parish was founded by its first pastor, Father George Stuebben, and began accepting pupils in the fall of 1960. Two surplus military barracks buildings were purchased from Ft. Sam Houston, and modified for teaching grades one through eight. Sister Michael Ann, its first principal, assisted by Sisters Damian and Florence were among the original staff and were from a community called the Sisters of the Missionary Servants of St. Anthony. In 1966 a group of Franciscan sisters assumed the responsibility of educating the children and taught for four years prior to returning to their community. At or about this time all subsidies from the parish ended and it appeared the school would have to close. The school board who included Mr. William Sparks, Mrs. Ellie Opdycke and Mr. James Hickey devised a plan to keep the school open. School year 1970/71 was a new beginning with only two grades, kindergarten and first. Over the next ten years, the school would experience moderate growth.

  In January 1983 Mr. James Mollicone assumed responsibility for the school program. Enrollment was approximately 170 students in grades preschool through fourth. Also, a small day care and summer activity program were in effect. By this time, the converted barracks were deteriorating rapidly and were becoming a safety issue. In 1986 enrollment was up, day care users had increased, and the summer activity program had quadrupled. This growth allowed the school to begin a building fund. With the full support of its pastor, Rev. Msgr. Patrick Flanagan, a request was made to build a permanent school building. Archbishop Patrick Flores approved the request and in the summer of 1988 a new education center was dedicated.

In 1995 an annex was constructed to accommodate an ever-increasing student population and later in that year a lighted parking lot, which services the entire community of St. Monica, was installed. In 1997 an administration building was erected to better serve the students and their families. Moving towards the new millennium a new Resource and Technology Center was added to provide its students the means to become proficient and compete in an ever-changing technological world. A new middle school building was constructed for grades 6, 7, and 8 for the start of the 2006/07 school year. Jo Ann Wood took over as principal in 2007, and by 2008, the school had a competitive athletic program.


Today, the school ranks among the top Catholic schools in the San Antonio area. Mrs. Kristy Geyer became principal in 2017 and is maintaining the standards set by those before her. St. Monica will continue to be a school with a commitment to academic excellence and Catholic values.


St. Monica Catholic School  |   515 North Street, P.O. Box 429 Converse, Texas 78109 - 0429