Archdiocese of San Antonio




Dear Dynamic Dragon Parents,
Welcome to Saint Monica Catholic School.  I am so blessed and honored to be the principal of a school where dragon pride runs deep and wide with students, staff, parents, and community members.

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making Catholic Education a priority for your children and for also giving them the opportunity to build a strong educational foundation.

Here at St. Monica Catholic School, we work hard to provide all students with a challenging academic curriculum within a program where Catholic values reflecting God’s love are taught practiced and ever present. We set high expectations for our students in academics, behavior, sportsmanship, and community service.  Our campus has a great faculty that prides themselves on helping every child succeed.  We offer a wide range of extra curricular activities that help mold and shape our students into outstanding leaders in our school and parish communities.

I am excited about this year and look forward to working with you and your family in building the academic success of your children.  Your support and participation in campus events is welcomed and highly encouraged.

Ongoing effective communication between parents, students and school personnel is a key component of student success and the overall success of St. Monica Catholic School.  I am looking forward to a great year of collaboration and teamwork to make the dream work.  Vamos a seguir adelante con Dios.

Christ’s Blessings,


Kristy Geyer
St. Monica Catholic School

St. Monica Catholic School  |   515 North Street, P.O. Box 429 Converse, Texas 78109 - 0429